Why Mobile?

The Statistics Behind Mobile Marketing

People are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. This new marketing world consists of terms like smart phones, SEO, mobile sites, geolocation, and social marketing. Mobilelize understands these new types of consumers and how best to reach them. Technologies like geolocation and mobile tagging can help us better understand the mobile consumer and deliver more relevant messages.

What is the size of today's mobile market?

Of the world's 4 billion mobile phones in use 1.08 billion are smartphones and a whopping 3.05 billion are SMS enabled.

How fast is mobile Internet growing?

By the end of 2014 mobile Internet should take over desktop Internet usage.



How has mobile usability changed?

Because of the increasing use of mobile's their versatility is always growing... 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Mobile tags provide more product information like comparison-shopping offers than traditional barcodes. 86% of mobile Internet users are using their devices while watching TV.

How are coupons used on mobile devices?

Mobile tags can serve up coupons that can be redeemed instantaneously in store. 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons. The end result when sending your best deals to mobile customers is you can get a better response, increase your sales and improve your ROI for mobile marketing.


How much do people use their mobile phones?

On average Americans spend 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile device. That is over twice the amount of time they spend eating, and over one third of the time they spend sleeping each day.

Also 91% of mobile Internet access is to socialize compared to 79% on desktops. This means that engaging your customer through applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn allows you to reach them on social platforms where they are already browsing.

What Do People Use Their Mobile Phones For?

Mobilelize Can Help You Reach Your Current Customers & Engage New Ones

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